Trinity, FL


3900 S.F Commercial building


Klar and Klar Architects is delighted to announce the Grand Opening of the Achieva Credit Union’s first net-zero branch, located in the Trinity area off of Hwy. 54.

This 3900 S.F. branch has 77 solar panels producing 29 kwh during the day. Net Zero is defined as a building that generates enough of its own electricity each day to not have an electric bill. At KKA we have been environmentally conscious regarding this technology since the early 2000’s. The gas and oil industries tried to cloud the truth regarding how well this worked and the costs. Some of our first solar PV projects included HEP and SPL. Both paid off their ROI on these systems in a little over 5 years.  There is no better long-term financial investment than solar PV for every project. Besides the obvious benefit of saving electricity and money, it drastically increases the real estate value of every building that uses it.

For more on Achieva Credit Union or information on energy saving tips check out our website or give us a call.